About Us

Imua Hawaii is a consortium of leadership from Hawaiian organizations and the larger Hawaiian community committed to a more empowered future for our people in our island home. We seek to increase our Lahui’s ability to heal from the legacy of disenfranchisement, build on our own strengths, and control our future once more, together. As our people move, we must evaluate every opportunity against what it will achieve for today, and what promise it holds for tomorrow.

Our Shared Vision: By exercising our inherent right to self-governance, the Native Hawaiian people will determine our own future, and improve the strength of our culture, the vibrancy of our language, and the wellness and self-sufficiency of our people in our own homelands. We will continue to push for greater self-determination to live in accordance with the teachings of our ancestors.

Our Shared Goals:  The members of Imua Hawaii believe efforts related to self-governance and recognition should expand our collective ability to:

  • Promote the general well-being of the Native Hawaiian people;
  • Advance Native Hawaiian self-determination;
  • Implement culture-based programming to help our people;
  • Enact laws that protect and advance culture and practices;
  • Raise and educate our keiki to live and thrive as Hawaiians;
  • Promote our own economic self-sufficiency;
  • Build a pathway to hope and healing; and
  • Protect our assets for future generations.